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Active members or those with updated membership dues are privileged to partake in regular convocation rituals.  This is the foremost activity of every lodge where members partake in "cosmic bath," whereby they are nourished psychically, physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is a fast-tracked purification wherein one attendance is equivalent to one to three months of solo meditation. The convocation is a ritualistic group meditation patterned after age-old rituals where powerful cosmic vibrations are being generated. Schedule is every 2nd Sunday of the Month from 10:30 am at 7F  3325 Wilshire blvd, ,LA, CA

MARCH: Establishment commemoration ritual is performed to celebrate the Vajrayana Order in its new cycle, which allows the members to once more access the teachings of the Beloved Vajrayana Order. Also, installation of new set of lodge officers are performed during this month.


MAY: Mystical transmission ceremony is performed during convocation nearest in date to the full moon of May. Vajrayana brotherhood commemorate not only the natal day of the Great Master of our Order, Siddharta Gautama Buddha, but also celebrate with thankful heart the memory of the great Event wherein the Great Buddha transmitted His highest esoteric doctrines to the King of the Vajrayana or the Hierophant of the Bodhic Vajrayana Order of His time.


SEPTEMBER: On or before the 23rd of September, the Autumnal Equinox ritual is observed by invoking the highest cosmic forces to magnetize and spiritualize the member's consciousness, bodies and the food that we will partake in the coming months.


NOVEMBER: On November 6 of every year, a thanksgiving to God or Adi Narayana and Venerable Siddhas and Masters of the Great White Brotherhood is performed in gratitude for the blessings and protection given to the members of the Order and to the Beloved Vajrayana Order itself.


This is also a group meditation led by a senior member but without any ritual.  Advanced techniques of the Masters are performed which brings both physical and spiritual rejuvenation.


Free public lectures are conducted on a regular basis to spread the Light.  Usual topics include Opening of the third eye, Secrets of Meditation, Soul Projection and transcendence, The Power of Kundalini, Cosmic Consciousness, etc. Special lectures are also scheduled exclusively for members for their advancement.


"If Muhammad cannot go to the mountains, the mountains will go to Muhammad." 


If you have a group interested to be initiated into our Beloved Order or would like to attend an Orientation Seminar about the Order, the senior officers can be invited to your place - to any state or country. This also holds true to a group of active members who would like to hold regular Intensive Meditations in their locality and eventually put up a Lodge for Regular convocations. 

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